DIVA Group

Digiscope and FabLab

Digiscope: Interaction in the Large

Digiscope is a network of high-performance platforms for interactive visualization of large datasets and complex computation. Distributed throughout the University of Paris-Saclay, Digiscope's ten rooms feature extremely large displays and advanced interaction devices, and are interconnected via a telepresence network that supports remote collaboration. Applications include scientific research, computer-aided design, decision support systems, and education.

Digiscope was supported by a public grant overseen by the French National Research Agency (ANR) (ref. ANR-10-EQPX-0026).

Find out more on the Digiscope website.

Digiscope at Télécom-ParisTech


PIXLS is a large wall-sized display with ultra-thin bezels and multi-touch capabilities as well as a 3D motion tracking system for freehand gestural interaction. PIXLS is located in the library (CRDN) of Télécom ParisTech.

Technical description


IRIS is a mid-size wall display with ultra-thin bezels and multitouch input. IRIS is located in the Paris-Italie extension of Télécom ParisTech (8 Av. d'Italie 75013 Paris).

Technical description

Télécom FabLab

The Fablab of Telecom-ParisTech is a joint project of the INFRES, TSI and SES departments. Its purpose is to provide access to digital manufacturing to students and researchers.

Find out more on the FabLab website (in French).



Techical manager: Gérard Mouret (both platforms)
Project coordinators: Eric Lecolinet (Digiscope), Eric Lecolinet and Tamy Boubekeur (FabLab)