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Post: Teacher-Researcher in Human-Computer Interaction for Mixed Reality

Deadline: Tuesday, April 30, 2019



46 rue Barrault, 75013 Paris From September 2019: Palaiseau (91)


Full-time, permanent (CDI)


The successful candidate will lead research in Human-Computer Interaction and/or Visualisation. She/he is not necessarily an expert in graphics or hardware, but will be capable of applying HCI methods to enable new effective and intuitive interactions in augmented or virtual worlds or their application to visualisation (notably immersive visualisation).

  1. Conduct research in the field of Human-Computer Interaction for Mixed Reality (Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality)
  2. Participate in the creation and teaching of classes in Computer Science at the graduate, undergraduate, and/or continuing education level.
  3. Participate in the development of partnerships, collaborations, and contracts within the field.


  1. Research
  2. Teaching * Contribute to the teaching needs of the different degree programs of the school (equivalent to bachelors, masters) and continuing education, in particular in the following fields:
  3. Human-Computer Interaction and Information Visualisation
  4. Participate in the FabLab.
  5. Influence Maintain a significant publication activity. Present research work in different journals, conferences, and seminars. Participate in scholarly societies. Create or organize conferences and seminars.
  6. Divers Participate in and contribute to the scientific activity of the department and research group. Direct and supervise, as appropriate, any agents placed under your responsibility or supervision.

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Required education or experience:

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To apply

Send the following :

By email to: recrutement(@)telecom-paristech.fr   (note: recrutement not recruitement!)
Or by post to: Télécom ParisTech — DRH — B659, 46 rue Barrault, 75634 Paris Cedex 13

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